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Build You Own



Business Meeting

Chapter 1

Weeks 1-2

Understand the sports landscape, identify target audience, etc

  • Market Research

  • Business Plan

Signing a Contract

chapter 2

Weeks 3-4

Get all of your ducks in a row.

While also ensuring legal and ethical considerations

  • Legal

  • Financial

Stock Market Graph

chapter 3

Weeks 5-6

Get things up and running smoothly that's authentic to you and your brand.

  • Infrastructure

  • Operations

Digital social media

chapter 4

Weeks 7-10

Let's put all of your hard work into play. Further offerings for group & clinical practices.

  • Marketing

  • Client Acquisition


Like many graduating sport psych professionals, it's challenging to secure great work with athletes and clients that we want to work with. Sarah is no different. There were little to no job opportunities right out of grad school. Navigating the logistics and legalities of building a company can be stressful. Let our Practice Playbook guide you into a career you love.

We didn't have classes or go to school to learn how to do marketing, sales, or entrepreneurship. Yet, Redefine Performance was started because Sarah had that itch and passion to create her own brand to help the clients she loves to work with - in the way she wants. You can do the same thing for your brand with the Practice Playbook. 

10 Sessions Starting 2024! 

Who Are We

who I am


Sarah Forsythe

CEO and Founder

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