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Acceptance and Commitment, a New Way of Embracing Your Struggle

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I'd be willing to bet that anyone reading this right now can name something they're struggling with.

Something that’s making you anxious, or something that’s got you worried. The good news is, that’s normal! I’ve yet to come across a person who has successfully been able to eliminate all feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, or nervousness from their lives. For most of us, our attempts to rid ourselves of uncomfortable thoughts may work on a moment-to-moment basis, but how often do those thoughts return with a vengeance, with greater intensity, and just as much discomfort? So why are we so determined to “Get Rid” of these uncomfortable feelings if they’re such a normal and dare I say healthy part of our lives?

We have this perception that we can control our thoughts: Whatever you do right here in this moment, I want you to think of ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, except for a pink elephant. Don’t think about a bright, hot pink elephant, don’t even think about putting that image into your mind. For most of us, that was an impossible task to not visualize such a unique scene. And what if I approached you the last time you felt extremely anxious about something and I said “Hey, quit being anxious?” My guess is you wouldn’t have a ton of luck with that.

So, what if there was another way, a better way, of managing uncomfortable thoughts. What if some of the thoughts we deem to be so detrimental and uncomfortable actually help us move towards living a more meaningful life? And what if there were ways in which we could work to accept, tolerate, and make space for life’s most challenging emotions, without them having a tight grip on us, taking us for a ride anytime we feel the slightest discomfort inside?

Follow along with us as we take a deeper dive into how you can work to accept, commit, and engage in values-driven exercises to live a more meaningful life. A life where challenging thoughts and emotions don’t have to get in the way of your goals and aspirations but are simply steps along the way in accomplishing what you want in your professional, personal, or other areas of your life.

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